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June 25, 2022


Directed by Nikos Pastras

Feature film – In Development,


Athens. The suburbs. Myrto (16) lives a lonely existence. Her mother is in a coma and her father is consumed by it. On the last day of class, Myrto loses her virginity to a boy from her school. As she’s having sex, she notices a blue energy emanating from her body. To her surprise, she’s the only one to see it. Later in the day, Myrto heads for the city to attendthe concert of Possession, her favorite female musician. As the streets of Athens overflow with music lovers and high-school kids, Myrto spends the night searching for Possession, searching for the boy with whom she had sex with, searching for an explanation as to what the blue energy could be and searching to prolong the darkness of the night.

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DIRECTOR Nikos Pastras
SCRIPT Nikos Pastras, Alexandros Voulgaris
PRODUCERS Amanda Livanou (Neda FIlm), Christos V. Konstantakopoulos, Andreas Zoupanos (Faliro House Productions)
Developed with the support of Creative Europe Media

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